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Located in the south of the famous Halong Bay and the east of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay features the magnificence of the small and large islands with many interesting shapes. Not being well-known to tourists like Halong Bay, but Lan Ha Bay is also one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. This promised to be an attraction for tourists who want to discover beautiful Vietnam.

With a cool and fresh climate, Lan Ha Bay is ready to welcome tourists at any time of the year to enjoy comfortably outdoors activities like swimming, kayaking, boating… So here are the best things to do in Lan Ha Bay.

1.Viet Hai Village

Located among the immense sea and surrounding by island and of Cat Ba National Park. Viet Hai fishing village belonging to Cat Hai district, Haiphong province. It's a great time to say goodbye busy and noisy City. Visiting Viet Hai fishing village, you will feel the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Exactly you will find the hidden charm village of Vietnamese people. Not like other village in Vietnam when tourism booming and effected by tourism. But Viet Hai villager they do their very own way. The village of ecological attractions in Cat Ba Island.

The locals are really friendly, sincere and hospitable. All of the houses in the village are open through the night and day. Even when the owner is away for several days, nobody stole any belongings. Regardless of what any families need for help, everybody in the village is available. Families in the village can comfortably use furniture of every other. Viet Hai is nearly clean with all kinds of social evils.

Impressed by the peaceful everyday life of the locals, tourists certainly get the extremely enjoyable experiences. Cat Ba island tours tourists may have a possibility to soak up the extremely peaceful and poetic scenery and forget the bustle and hustle of the city life.

How to get to Viet Hai Village?

From Halong bay: There is only 1 way to get this area by boat. But it available for itinerary 3 days/2 nights only - and it's depend on cruise Halong Bay itinerary. Some cruise has but other none

From Cat Ba Island: There are 2 option to go to this village - #1 you can trek to this village throug the jungle of Cat Ba National Park (about 17km - 1 day trek). #2 you can take a private boat from Beo tourist dock. (1 hour buy boat - then easy walk to the village 1 hour by walk)

2. Monkey Island

Taking a boat from Ben Beo for 10 minutes, you can reach Monkey Island (also called Cat Dua Island in the past). At present, there are more than 30 monkeys here under the range of Cat Ba National Park. Tourists can play with them, feed them with bananas, apples, or candies. The monkeys are very funny to climb and play with those who visiting Monkey Island.

3. Van Boi Beach

Together with Halong bay tour, tourists will have a chance to visit Van Boi beach. Van Bo Beach appears in front of visitors' eyes with a smooth white sand beach that looks like a mattress leaning on the beach. Tourists can watch the beautiful scenery with the mountain hills. The mountains together create a mysterious landscape, separated from the bustling life of modern life, so that visitors feel relaxed and comfortable when coming here.


Van Boi beach is not as deep as other beaches and there is noisy buzz like the beaches on Cat Ba Island, Van Bay beach brings a wild look to infinity. The place remains its attraction of nature, the beauty of peace and strange. Therefore, this place is chosen as an interesting destination to "take each other away" to find a peaceful place to live in harmony with the clouds, sun, and sea wind, which makes visitors have unforgettable feelings when coming to this place.

Visitors coming to Van Boi beach cannot miss the experience of watching the beauty of the sunset here. The sun goes down in the sea, rolled by the clouds floating, and then disappeared. The scene is like a beautiful painting of marine life, which has been keeping many hearts of visitors. Especially, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the feeling of watching the sea at night. The glittering sky night with thousands of stars together with the sea view creates a beautiful painting.

4. Freedom island


On the outskirts of Lan Ha bay, lies a small island with a very big heart. This private island is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy the white sandy beaches. Freedom Island is the only island with 2 beaches. On the front beach you can bask in the sun with our floating mattresses, whilst on the back beach, you can either play Volley Ball or Beach Soccer. We also have lots of hammocks for you to laze around on. Freedom Island has been described by many of our customers as the highlight of the trip. Freedom Island and Halong Party Cruise are working together to make this an unforgettable experience for you in Halong Bay.. We are confident that you will enjoy our services. So come join us and LETS PARTY!

5. Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village is considered a unique wonder of fishermen. Cua Van fishing village was listed on the list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world (2012) by the travel website. The criteria for selecting the villages on the list are ancient villages with charming beauty and traditional culture preservation. The website chose Cua Van because it has the three most important elements.


In Cua Van village, there are more than 300 households mainly living by fishing. The households here make floating houses on the edge of stone islands. The fishing village is located dozens of kilometers far from the shore. There is no noisy sound from cars, only the sound of the fishermen calling each other and the sound on hitting the fishing boat to chase fish after the mountains.

6. Here are the cruises in Lan Ha Bay you may choose from:

If you have more time then Lan Ha Bay overnight cruises will be a good option for you, it can be 3s day 2s night on Lan Ha Bay or 2 days 1 night on Lan Ha Bay Cruises.

Oasis Bay Party Cruise

The Oasis Bay Party Cruiser is the newest edition to our fleet and is one of the largest boats in Halong Bay. We offer an amazing experience for young travellers combining the beautiful tour of Halong Bay with activities including kayaking, water trampoline, swimming, boat jumping, rock climbing, beach volleyball, beach football and much more with young travellers looking to enjoy the top 7 natural wonders of the world.

An awesome party and activity experience which will be without doubt a very special memory of your travels through Vietnam. We truly believe we have something for everyone so if you’re looking for beautiful scenery, adventure, and the chance to make some new friends and lots of fun then our Oasis Bay Party Cruise of Halong Bay is sure to be one of the highlights of your Vietnam trip!

The hospitable crew on board is ready to welcome you with a memorable stay. Spread over 3 decks she has 30 en-suite fully equipped deluxe bayview cabins, a bar, restaurant, dining area, sundeck, and Jacuzzis

+ V'Spirit Premier Cruise

V'Spirit Premier Cruise offers 25 new luxury cabins for your journeys to discovering Lan Ha Bay. V'Spirit Premier Cruise has launched in February 2019. You will have time to relax and enjoy the cool and fresh atmosphere in Lan Ha Bay. Also, with the best facilities and good staffs and crews, V'Spirit Premier Cruise gives you a chance to discover caves, fishing villages, and beautiful small islands in the bay. The large rooms with balcony bring you an amazing view of the lovely Lan Ha Bay in both four seasons.

Era Cruise

Launched in the late of 2017, Era Cruise is one of the first cruises discovering Lan Ha Bay in 2 days or 3 days. Era Cruise offers tourists 4 room types with 18 cabins and suites, which provide tourists with luxury accommodation and unique style of the interesting cruise. The cruise helps tourists explore limestone karsts, hidden beaches and mysterious caves of the bay.

Stellar of the Sea

Stellar of the Sea is one of the best luxury 5-star cruises in Lan Ha Bay. The cruise is at Aclass Cruises systems but promises a new experience with the gorgeous attractions in of Lan Ha Bay. Stellar of the Sea offers tourists a mini-golf course on the bottom deck and a luxurious swimming pool on the deck above, which helps you get the best relaxed time in the board. Also, you can get the best services with Stellar of the Sea’s dining room, panoramic bar and 22 luxury cabins.

Mon Cheri Cruise

Mon Cheri Cruise seems to be the connection between the legend Halong Bay and its surrounding areas including Lan Ha Bay. The professional and warm aura of our staff members and the first class services always put the customers’ comforts into the number one priority. With Mon Cheri Cruise, tourists can have more chances to enjoy the wonders of Lan Ha Bay.


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